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Ghost Light Players is thrilled to announce our 2020 year project:  

Shakespeare for All (The Women and Richard III)  

We at Ghost Light Players are so excited to announce our new project for our 2020 Season!  This year, we will create a troupe of actors, artists, designers, dramaturges, and producers to work on a long-term project together.  One of the challenges of community theater is investing time and energy into a piece that performs for just a weekend or two, and then the cast and crew break up and go their separate ways. With a repertory-like structure, we hope to create a strong, flexible and creative troupe that can develop theater pieces together, perform for longer periods of time, hone their skills, and then go on to develop new projects together in the future.  Our 2020 Season is how we’ll begin. 

This project will start with actors attending devising sessions, during which we will work together with other artists to create our piece.  We will use Shakespeare’s text as our jumping-off point.  The finished work will include movement, voice, music, other performance methods, and visual art.  It will be a unique piece of theater. 

This is our opportunity, as theater-makers, to create the stories we want to tell.  We will begin with Shakespeare’s texts from Richard III, Henry IV, V, IVand build into one piece that explores the story of Richard III and the often silenced or unseen women of Shakespeare’s histories.  The work will change from week to week, until we feel it is ready to fully cast.  This devising period will be from March through April, 2020. 

After the devising period, there will be a casting period.  Those actors involved in the devising sessions will be offered roles from the piece we have created together, and then auditions will be held to fill all other roles in our newly-devised show.  

A short rehearsal period with the expanded cast will follow, and the show will likely shift again, as new voices join the conversation and bring new ideas to the project.  This rehearsal period will be from May – June, 2020. We welcome this opportunity for further development.

In late June, we are planning a weekend of workshop performances, where we will perform the new work for a local audience.  After the local performances, the troupe will take a rest and then come back together for additional rehearsals before our touring season.  At that point, the show will tour around the Central and MetroWest Massachusetts area, with possible future performances at a theater festival. Our touring dates are currently TBD. 

Who is invited to join in? 

We welcome all voices to join this conversation and be a part of this work.  In particular, all gender identities and ages are welcome, as are all races and ethnicities.   We seek to create a fully inclusive story, and we will need many diverse viewpoints and experiences to do that.  Though a typical production of Richard IIIincludes mostly cis-gender men, our production will be different (is Richard even present on our stage?), and thus we are seeking to build a troupe with a wide range of identities.  Also, though previous experience with Shakespeare is not required, a curiosity and willingness to engage with his work is necessary.  

So, how can you be a part of this project?

If you are an actor, dancer, singer, or other performance artist interested in devising work, perhaps with an interest in Shakespeare’s text, then you are invited to audition for the troupe at one of two points: 


First, you can audition for the Workshop sessions, which will be inventive, creative devising sessions led by theater-maker and Shakespeare scholar Kat Alix-Gaudreau. The sessions will include textual work, story building, movement, voice and acting work, as well as training sessions on specific skills needed to create our devised piece.  Those artists in the workshop will be asked to share their unique set of skills with the troupe, bring ideas to the room, engage with Shakespeare’s text, and contribute to the creation of this devised work. 

Workshop auditions: 

March 10 or March 12, 7 PM – 9 PM. You must register for these in at least 1 hour before sessions begin.  We will be limiting the number of registrants, so please sign up as early as possible HERE.  

There will also be a “callback” invitation-only session on March 17, 7 PM – 9:30 PM

To prepare for Workshop Auditions, please prepare two short monologues:  one contemporary, one from Shakespeare’s plays.  Please also come prepared to work in small groups with other artists and have a one-on-one conversation with the director.  You may be asked to stay for about an hour, whichever night you are scheduled to attend.    If you are invited to attend the callback session on March 17, we will send you details on how to prepare for that evening, which may last the full 2.5 hours.  

Second, you can audition for any roles not yet filled in the newly devised show.  Rehearsals will include working with the troupe members involved in devising the piece, and bringing your ideas and skills to the production.  This will be a shorter, more intense period than the previous one, and will culminate in a weekend of workshop performances in Marlborough, MA.  Those performing in the workshop piece will be asked to perform in a TBD touring schedule throughout Central and MetroWest MA, and will be invited to perform in any future theater festival performances.  

Performance Auditions:

April 28 or April 30, 7 PM – 9:30 PM, by appointment only.  Callbacks:  Sunday, May 3, 1-4 PM

You will be asked to prepare a Shakespeare monologue, and provided with sides during the audition. 

Other Artists Wanted!

If you are a designer, artist, dramaturge, or Shakespeare scholar and want to be involved in the devising and creation process, you are invited to apply to join the troupe. Please email us a letter of interest, including how you see yourself contributing to the artistic process and any examples of contributing to a collaborative creative project (particularly any devising work you’ve done in the past).  Please attach your resume, including three references, to the email.  We will then reach out to you to schedule a meeting and interview.   

Job Opportunities

Producer – Ghost Light Players seeks to hire an experienced producer / production manager for our upcoming Shakespeare for All Project.  Paid position.  Will work directly with artistic director, executive producer and managing director to fulfill organizational, promotional and managerial duties for a touring production. Feb – June, 2020, with potential additional touring dates TBD.   Rehearsals and production meetings will be in Marlborough, MA and touring locations will be in the MetroWest and Central Massachusetts region.

Stage Manager – Ghost Light Players seeks to hire an experienced stage manager for our upcoming Shakespeare for All Project.  Paid position.  Will work directly with artistic director, project producer and managing director to fulfill rehearsal, technical and run-of-show duties for a touring production. April – June, 2020, with potential additional touring dates TBD. Rehearsals and production meetings will be in Marlborough, MA and touring locations will be in the MetroWest and Central Massachusetts region.   

To apply for any positions, send resume and letter of interest by email, with the subject header: Position Application. Please arrange for 2-3 references that we may contact by email.

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